The premiere publisher of illustrated transgender fantasy fiction now offers online books in Adobe Acrobat format. From Lesbian Transsexuals to Timid Transvestites, Reluctant is the queen of TV-TS-TG fiction. Reluctant Press
Illustrated TV/TS/TG Fantasy Fiction

Reluctant Press is the premiere publisher of illustrated transgender, transsexual, transvestite and cross-dress fiction since 1989. Reluctant Press authors are real transgender and transsexual people who live real lives in our community. This is a labor of love, inspired by the inspirational stories of our REAL people.

Reluctant Press™ publishes at least three exciting new books every month in saddle stitch or paperback format. These books represent the work of experienced authors and illustrators with currently over 1,000 titles in print.

In addition to new books in print each month, Reluctant Press™ also regularly adds two or three stories to its online inventory from its vast storehouse of great fantasy fiction. These stories are not run of the mill amateur fiction like you usually find on the web, but are real books in Adobe AcrobatTM format, complete with the original illustrations!

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Authors Needed Now!

If you are an author, isn't it about time you looked into real publishing? We're here to offer authors in this specialty field an opportunity to experience professional publishing and receive genuine recognition for their accomplishments.

[New Authors Note! Have your manuscript edited by experienced R/Press author. See our Reluctant Press Guidelines]


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Welcome to a new year and our new look. We hope you'll take this opportunity to enjoy some classic illustrated TV-TS fiction and help us celebrate diversity and love...

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