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  • #212. THE PROMISE    downloads9.html   (New Woman) Gold Limited Edition!

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  • TRANSGENDER/TRANSSEXUAL/CROSSDRESSING FICTION WRITERS WANTED! - If you are an author - if you want to be an author, if you have a story to tell -- isn't it about time you looked into real publishing? We're here to offer authors in this specialty field the opportunity to experience professional publishing and receive genuine recognition for their accomplishments.
            We offer the best compensation package in the TG fiction business: You'll get to have your story professionally edited, illustrated, and printed, you'll receive financial compensation for your effort, and you'll receive finished copies of your book to keep for life - and display with pride.
            Having a book in print really means something. "Free" online fiction comes and goes like the wind, is never edited or "cleaned up," isn't properly illustrated, and leaves nothing for the author to remember his/her work by. And the sad truth is that anybody can get a story published online. Anybody. No talent or ability is required...the only requirement for free online fiction is that you be willing to give your work away. And if it is free, is it worth anything? The person who gives away his work is telling the world what value he puts upon his talent. ...Aren't you worth more than that?
            We need new authors now. If you have some talent and want the recognition you deserve, check out our updated Publishing Guidelines (Adobe Acrobat format - 71K) and drop us a note. Write to . When you are ready to submit your work, and be sure to download, fill-out and mail the Author's Contract form. You may also send disks if you prefer. Mail to: Reluctant Press, PO Box 5829, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. (Wanted Now!)

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Ms. Chrissie offers a short summary of her very special Feminine Face approach to makeup for crossdressers and transsexuals. This stuff is really good! Definitely a must read. [ Click Here ]

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Each book has a link for the full web edition, which requires a password, but there is also a free preview version available for each digital title. You can download these anytime.   - In many browsers you can simply double-click the link for the full edition of the book. However, we STRONGLY recommend that you RIGHT-CLICK the link (Mac users, click and HOLD until the options menu pops up), and select "Save target as..." (Explorer) or "Save Link As.." (Netscape) Choose the default-indicated name (the name of the pdf file.) sure to remember WHERE you saved it on your computer! If you double click the link and the Acrobat file gets opened inside your browser, you can still save it to your local disk by selecting the "Save" icon in the Acrobat Reader window, or by selecting File/Save As.. Again, this depends largely on your browser and its configuration, but these files are usually easier to read if you save them directly to your hard drive. (Reminder: These files are *big*, with full versions ranging from 288 K to over 4 megs, so be sure to allow enough time to download them).

Remember that these are REAL BOOKS, not just sloppy text files, so be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader®. These days, it comes with most computers, but if you don't have it, it's free (click the link). If you're not sure whether you have it or not, try getting this test document. - Once you know you have Acrobat, check out the preview editions... absolutely free. If you like the preview, you can download the full book and order the password for a small charge. You'll also find a few stories that are totally free as you browse around our site.

Remember: it is our policy that you must be at least 21 years old to read our stories - by delving further into this site, you certify that you are at least 21 years old and are legally entitled to view this material.

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